Osito De Muerte

Osito De Muerte

Our gummies aren’t spicy enough for you???? we might just have the thing for you!!!
here is our gummy bear infused with some of the spiciest peppers we can get our hands on, from Carolina Reaper peppers to Trinidad Scorpion peppers, blended in with an array of super hot peppers, ground down to a fine powder, these gummies are dusted gracefully with this fine powder, then left to sit so the gummies absorb all of the fresh pepper dust, only the strong can handle these!!! these gummy bears are not for the faint of heart or those with weak stomachs, guaranteed to make your insides cry!!! over 9 million Scoville units! and 900 times hotter than a jalapeno,
1 jumbo size gummy bear per package
Consume at your own risk and handle with extreme caution!

Disclaimer- We are not responsible for any damage caused by our gummy bears, you are purchasing these gummy bears with full knowledge on how spicy they are and what kind of peppers are blended in to them, we are not held responsible once they leave our shop,

WARNING! - These gummies are extremely spicy and has potential to cause skin and/or mouth irritation, keep away from eyes, and children, these gummy bears contain high, potent amounts of peppers.
by adding to your cart you are accepting all risk that come with these gummy bears